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Timer Starts at: 60 Seconds

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Why is Data Entry Test Important


Above you will find a Data Entry Test similar to the one used by emergency dispatch unit. As one of the prominent places for Data Entry Jobs is within the field of emergency dispatch units. In the job, as calls for emergency personnel are taken, the callers information is inputted live. As soon as you press start the data entry test will start with 60 second count down.

Enter the fields with the correct text and click next to continue to fill another form. This is an amazing way to speed up your typing speed while doing a data entry test. For many it is hard to increase your speed and it does not help by doing easy typing tests as your speed may increase but when it comes to harder words then your rate or errors will also increase.

You will also find a Typing Speed Test next to Data Entry Test that analysis your speed, errors and shows you what keys to type. In any job, you are required to type for at least one hour a day in filling out forms or other things. A good typer does not look at the keys, keeps their wrists raised and keeps proper posture. Just click on the screen to start the test, you may select your desired level or custom words to get  started.

A 10 key numeric test is also available on this site to help those who need to type numbers on a daily basis. Practice helps your fingers to memorize or develop a conditioning regime to determine the exact location of keys. Once location is found then typing is mearly a second thought and you can multitask easily afterwords.

Data entry tests are used by many professions as the first filtering process in a series of steps to getting a job. Data entry testing are a great way to start as many online data entry tests or job tests are much harder with limited time. Great lighting, ergonomic chair and ergonomic mouse and keyboard all help to increase your speed as your fingers swiftly mover over the keys.

When you are in the work environment then a constant typing for almost 8 hours get give you sore muscles on your lower back, neck and wrist. Be sure to prop your wrists on a small pad when doing a data entry test to keep then from rubbing on the table as this can create a rash. It is essential when writing a test data entry

Gaining your Abilities

Online data entry test or 10 key data entry test as the one on this page are an amazing way to improve your ability on the computer as well. To increase your speed in a data entry test try and use keyboard shortcuts while filling out a form such as ctrl + tab for the next entry field or shift + ctrl + tab for the previous field. Remember you have more fingers on the keyboard then you do on the mouse and you have more options on the keyboard than the mouse. Use a Typing Speed Test or test data entry such as 10 key test to further improve your ability.

Learn To Advance Your Capabilities  — Starting with easy words and working your way to harder and longer words improves your brains ability to have predictive typing abilities.

Type without looking at the Keyboard — A good way to start or improve your typing skills is typing keys without looking at them while multitasking.

Learn to Type Using Touch Device — Using your thumbs or limited number of fingers as fast as possible to type is a needed ability in this modern era.

Starting with Basic — Start by opening up a notepad and practicing writing and using tab and return key first

data entry test 10key

Free Data Entry Test Online Few Things to Consider

A Free Data Entry Test Online allows you to calculate your words per minute typing speed. Some can calculate your raw keystroke per hour as well. The biggest benefit of Free Data Entry Test Online is not only to know your typing speed, but also to improve your typing speed too.

Keep track of your historic typing speed or data entry testing by recording it in a journal. Take regular breaks in between typing tests. If you’re not a professional typist you can easily injure yourself by typing too long. A beginner should start with short typing tests. As you gain accuracy, speed, and stamina then move on to longer sessions of typing practice.

Your chair and desk can also affect your typing speed. Make sure you’re typing on an office desk, not a dinner table or coffee table. Low tables can cause you to have bad posture and strain your neck and back. The right chair should be an office chair with arm rests. Adjust your arm rest and chair height to a comfortable position before starting your typing practice.

Whether for a data entry job online or offline, Free Data Entry Test Online are designed to assess a candidate’s ability to enter data (numbers and letters) quickly and accurately.

During free data entry test online, candidates are asked to enter written, verbal, or audio data quickly and accurately. Additionally, they are given tables of information and must compare them to each other, cross checking for errors. The information that is compared and entered is typically in the context of item numbers, model numbers, a particular range of numbers (i.e. units/quantity or data with positive or negative numbers), and occasionally letters (i.e. IDs, addresses, pertinent information).

Calculating Your Keystroke Per Hour (KPH)

data entry test onlineKeystroke per hour (KPH) can be just as important as words per minute (wpm). Because words vary in length, your typing speed calculated in words per minute might not be accurate enough. Your WPM will be the most accurate the longer you type. A five-minute typing test will be more accurate than a one minute typing test. A ten-minute typing test will be more accurate than a five-minute typing test. Because of this fact there will always be WPM variations no matter how long you type. So KPH can offer you a raw score of your typing speed.

To calculate your KPH from WPM there are a few considerations to make sure your 10 key test KPH is accurate. You can either take a long typing test (like 5 minutes or 10 minutes). Or you can take several shorter typing tests and then average the WPM. Once you have a good WPM from either the long typing test or averaged out from multiple shorter ones, you’re ready to convert your WPM into KPH.

You will need a couple of things. We’ll use the average number of keystrokes in a word, five. Typically, data entry typists take a ten-minute break per hour. So, we will use 50 minutes instead of 60 for our calculation. To calculate KPH, use the formula below.

WPM * 5 * 50 = KPH

Free Data Entry Test Online Content

Free Data Entry Test Online primarily focus on speed and accuracy, but some tests also assess a specific aspect of data entry. For example, some tests concentrate on alphanumeric data entry, numeric entering, data entry keystrokes, or 10 key data entry. Our Data Entry PrepPack™ will prepare you for each of the following tests. Start practicing today to ensure your success.

  • Alphanumeric Data Entry – This type of test assesses a candidate’s entry of letters and number. One example is dispatcher exams. Dispatchers have to enter caller information, addresses, emergency codes, and more.
  • Numeric Entering – This test primarily focuses on number entering. An example of this type of data entry work can be seen in accounting. Accountants constantly input numbers to produce financial results, reports, and more.
  • Data Entry Keystrokes – This can include letters, numbers, symbols, and spacing. Some examples of this type of data entry job are writers, bloggers, clerical clerks, and typists. Whether these data entry employees work online or offline, they use data entry keystrokes to complete their work. Sometimes writers and bloggers are asked to produce articles that are a particular length—spacing and punctuation included—so it is important for them to be able to produce quality work in a limited amount of time.
  • 10 Key Data Entry – While similar to numeric data entering, because it encompasses only numbers, on this particular free data entry test online, candidates are only allowed to use the group of keys on the right side of the keyboard.
  • Cross Referencing – This type of test requires candidates to read or listen (via audio) to information and input the data into the correct fields.

Free Data Entry Test Online Format

Other than speed and accuracy, some tests assess additional job-related skills. These skills are primarily concentrated around three elements: 

  • Stress Management – This assesses a candidate’s interaction and ability to work with multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Listening and Communication – This assesses a candidate’s ability to focus on caller’s needs while remaining calm and using the appropriate terminology. Additionally, it assesses a candidate’s ability to provide direct and helpful solutions for callers.
  • Problem Solving – This assesses a candidate’s way of problem-solving. This can include the way candidates acquire information from callers and various systems, the way they work through problems, and the way they explain the solution(s) to callers.

Although all these job-related aspects are assessed, it is important to note that candidates are often expected to perform these skills simultaneously and accurately.

data entry test online free

Free Data Entry Test Online Duration

Data Entry Tests that specifically assess data entry skills last between three to five minutes per section. However, it’s important to note that most candidates are not able to finish entering or reviewing the content in time. The test is specifically designed this way.

Data Entry Testing that assess data entry skills, in addition to other job-related skills (multitasking, analysis, listening and communications, problem-solving, attention to detail, etc.), can last up to 30 minutes.

Data Entry Alphanumeric Test

This test requires you to type data into a simulation of a database. It requires you to type both letters and numbers. The goal of this test data entry is to measure your data entry speed and accuracy. It includes five records (each record on a different page), with eight fields apiece, which you are requested to fill by typing the letters or numbers presented at the side of the screen.

Data Entry 10-Key Test

This test requires you to type numbers into a simulation of a spreadsheet. The goal of this test is to measure your speed and accuracy when entering numeric data. The test includes five records (each record on a different row within the same page). There are eight fields on each record, which you are requested to fill by typing the numbers that present below. The “+” key or the “Enter” key will navigate you between fields. Each field contains between 4–6 numbers in an inconsistent order.

data entry test solutions

Data Entry Jobs

Many professional jobs use a form of data entry. Therefore, it’s important to keep your typing and data entry skills up to par. Some jobs that use data entry are:

Accounting Clerks Assistants Dispatchers
Typists Transcribers Customer Service Representatives
Administrative Positions Clerical Assistants Call Center Personnel

Even though these jobs share similar responsibilities, it is important to know the specific job qualifications expected of you during your time of employment.

Data Entry vs. Data Processing

While data entering and data processing might appear similar, they are different. Data entry focuses primarily on entering data and information. Data processing, on the other hand, involves collecting information and data and then analyzing, assessing, and determining what useful or helpful information can be extracted from the data entry test. However, both jobs require employees to either enter or accurately assess data.

Prepare for a Data Entry Exam

Similar to typists, data entry clerks input information, data, and more into a variety of software, systems, and programs. Depending on the job, data entry clerks must possess higher levels of accuracy and typing speeds. To help prepare you for future data entry employment, we have created a PrepPack™ that includes data entry practice tests, test information and content, and job information. Start practicing now. 

How to Improve Your Data Entry Speed?

  • Maintain a comfortable posture: your shoulders should be relaxed, your feet flat on the floor, and your back straight. Good posture enables you to save energy and feel relaxed during the test.
  • When you prepare for the 10-key test, use only the little keypad on the right-hand side of your keyboard. It contains all the keys you need for the test in a minimal space, which will help you improve your kph score.
  • It is recommended to practice for the alphanumeric test and the 10-key test separately because you will use different parts of the keyboard for each of them.
  • It is recommended to practice on a platform that simulates the real test interface.
  • Pay attention to capital letters and punctuation. Be sure to press the right key when you should move to the next field or record: the “Tab” key or the “Enter” key on the alphanumeric test and the “+” key or the “Enter” key on the 10-key test.

Typing to Compete

With the increased reliance on electronic storage in business there is increased competition even for a data entry job. Though data entry jobs have always been entry level positions the competition for these positions has kept up with the rest of the economy. To be able to keep up with the increase in competition a variety of programs and websites have been developed to help people improve their typing skills.

These programs focus on improving their words per minute, keystrokes per hour and accuracy. The ability to completely own a 10 key typing test may not seem very important to some, but people at all levels of a company need good effective typing skills and will be able to utilize these skills from the entry level positions their entire career. All of these improvements are important to getting ahead in a competitive job market. is an excellent website that is dedicated to helping people improve their skills so they can compete more effectively for the few positions available. The Free Data Entry Test Online are completely free to use and don’t require any specific software to be downloaded to your computer. You simply type what is shown you into a window and the program on the site can calculate accuracy and typing speed.

This shows a person exactly where they are struggling and in what ways they are excelling. There is even a ten key test that is presented as a flash game. This is essential for data entry jobs that require a lot of quantities. All of these tests will help improve your typing skills and ensure that you are as competitive a candidate for the newly opening jobs as possible.

When your time duration runs out, the scoring will show how fast and correct you can write every single word. This one minute test is pretty revealing for ones touch type speed accuracy.

Improving your Test Data Entry

Passing a Free Data Entry Test Online requires a lot of practice. The usual minimum requirement of words per minute for an alphanumeric data entry is 60 W.P.M. While 100 and above is the touch typing level of an executive secretary. It looks like you have a lot of work to do in order to be prepared. So relax, grab a cup a coffee and start using our test! Unlike the coffee, the test is free. You can take it over and over again. There are no limits on using it. It is just you and your keypad. Just read the text and reproduce it in an accurate way

Forget about a typing tutor! If you are looking for data entry lessons, Free Data Entry Test Online is not the place for that. From our collected data, people commonly learn how to type just by typing practice. If you have the patience to enroll in a class or a course, we do not advise against it. Since your habits may cause you pain in your forearms or your wrists, here are a few pointers to help you avoid those: sit straight at your work desk, check that the monitor is right in front of you curl and stretch your fingers periodically try not to twist your hands or your wrist by adjusting the table and chair height to the least possible strain bend your elbows at the right angle.

Understanding Free Data Entry Testing Online

If you’re looking for a job that requires a lot of typing – either with numbers or letters – the employer may want to use a Free Data Entry Test Online to assess your speed and accuracy. There are lots of slightly different versions of Free Data Entry Test Online out there, but they all test for those two things. Some versions are called 10-key tests because they use the keypad that’s on the right side of most older keyboards. A 10-key keypad has the digits 0 through 9 plus an Enter key and other symbols.

data entry typing serviceFree Data Entry Test Online are timed. Typically, data entry test when you sit down at the computer to start the test, you see a window with either text or numerical data, such as phone numbers or equations. You are instructed to type that data into a second window, going as quickly as you can while still aiming for 100 percent accuracy. When the time is up, the program automatically computes your results. If you typed text, you get a words-per-minute (WPM) score. Some tests calculate the number of keystrokes you type per hour, or KPH. The program also gives some type of accuracy score, often represented as the percentage of strokes you made that were incorrect.

How Free Data Entry Test Online Are Used

Lots of different industries and jobs use data entry exams to screen prospective employees. It’s common for temp agencies to give these tests to their candidates as part of a general skills assessment. Some employers design their own tests that reflect the specific kinds of typing that the job involves. For example, if you’re applying for a job that involves adding customer information to a database, your test might include long lists of names, addresses and phone numbers. Clerical and administrative jobs often require a free data entry test online.

Free Data Entry Test Online

Best Free Data Entry Test Online Examination for speed and accuracy. Tests on alphanumeric data entry, numeric entering, KPH data entry, or 10 key data entry

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