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10 Key Typing Test

by baloch

10 Key Test online with only numbers used by job agencies around the world as the first filter to a job.

Many jobs require a 10 key typing speed and accuracy test to determine your speed and error free typing skills in regards to number and such jobs include accounting, data entry and excel experts. While words per minute wpm is important most people forget about characters per minute cpm or numbers per minute npm. While looking for a job I got a interview for a data entry position which required not only typing letters but also entering invoices into a database. I was told to do a 10 key typing test which was the first time I heard of it.

Practicing your speed is fine but accuracy is a important factor when it comes to numbers because it is much harder to find an error when dealing with numbers rather than words. Most if not all word processing systems analyze your errors through a dictionary there are only a few programs that analyze your numbers for errors.

Time is a effective measure yet a 10 key typing test requires accuracy to sustain a level of high quality product. Data entry test or data entry speed test are easier then a numeric typing test or number typing test but both are their to help you improve your typing speed to create a constant.

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